just me and my giant shades
Creation is my passion, whether it be something to wear, something to look at, or something to use.  I’ve been a professional graphic designer since 1989 and have been a painter, sewer, and crafter since I was a wee tot.  Almost all of my formal attire is handmade, which, considering that I believe it’s always better to be overdressed, takes up a large portion of my wardrobe.  My paintings have sold at various shows and galleries, I’ve designed for regional and national magazines, and my friends and clients think my handmade clothes and accessories are nicer than those available in stores.  Many of my creations have a darker edge to them, but often with a wink, too.  You know, beauty can be found in things that don’t ordinarily strike others as “attractive.”

In short, I make things pretty and I make pretty things.


Enjoy my stories,


2 thoughts on “The briefest of biographies

  1. MadWhimsy:
    This is Sharon from Sharondipity in Suberbia, the site you visited from the Threads Project Runway blog. You mentioned not getting the new season where you are and I wanted you to know you can watch full episodes at the Lifetime channel website. You clearly have internet and no need to suffer without a weekly PR fix. 🙂

    Thanks for you comments and here is the URL


    Happy watching and please keep checking in!

    P.S. Enjoying your site too!

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