Moving on to steps 2 and 3

Step 1: Admitting the problem.  A few days ago I mentioned that I’ve been making this blog quite difficult on myself, so I’ve been avoiding it (call me an ostrich, so what?).  And I made a commitment to put a stop to all that nonsense.  The first thing I wanted to so was change the blog’s design theme so I don’t “need” to create a banner graphic for each post.

Step 2: Fixing the problem.  So tonight I’ve spent about 30 minutes looking into new themes for this blog that don’t look weird without a banner graphic for each post.  I forced myself to NOT look at the features and benefits of every single theme that looked interesting, which tells you a bit about my mental stability, I guess.

I also loaded up the WordPress app on my phone so I can type up quickies and upload photos directly from my phone, eliminating a few hours of Photoshoppery.  Not that I don’t love, love, love Photoshoppery, but come on, I ain’t gettin’ no raises from creating fantabulous graphics for these posts (note I said “posts” this time, not “articles” – aren’t you proud of me?).

Step 3: Stop the formality already!  Why was I tweaking the life out of things before posting them to a blog that only my friends and a small handful of strangers read?  If you’re reading this in a feed reader, you won’t see much change.  But if you go to the site itself ( you’ll see that the new theme isn’t in only just my “official” colors, it’s kind of all over the place.  I may mess with the colors later, but I told myself I’d put this out there AS IS and just see if it really matters.  (My guess?  In a week i won’t care anymore, so why spend a long time on the coding that I hardly understand?)

And so this isn’t wholly without any pictures, here’s one of our youngest cat Alfred with a wee afghan I made for him.  Because kitties.

Alfred's Afghan


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