4 months with nary a peep

Four months with nary a peep, and I previously posited that a post every-other week was doable. What’s holding me back? Recently a few things (sick cats, sick me), but mostly this, when I decide to make a post I:

1. Choose a topic I think someone will want to read.
2. Write the article.
3. Edit, and usually re-edit, the article.
4. Find things around my home that would visually represent the article.
5. Set up and take 40-50 photos in different lighting and at different angles.
6. Choose 3-5 photos out of all those I took.
7. Edit those photos in Photoshop and add my logo & watermark.
8. Design a banner graphic for the article in Photoshop.
9. Upload everything to WordPress.
10. Proof the article one more time before hitting that magical “publish” button.

These 10 steps often take a total of 4-5 hours, and I usually don’t do them all on the same day. For one single post.

Now, all of this would be standard procedure were I to work for a magazine. Which I used to, I’ve designed around 100 magazines for businesses and nonprofits, and designed articles and ads for twice that many. But fer chrissakes, this is just a blog. JUST A BLOG. And I turned what was to be a fun exploration of my creative projects into a job I dreaded starting. Which is the biggest reason why I haven’t been posting. Why, hello Molehill, how’d you like to be a Mountain instead?

Let’s do something different, shall we?

For starters, I’m typing up this post on my Kindle Fire whilst drinking my morning coffee. Instead of working on my laptop. Because of that, there is a much more casual feel to what I’m doing and I’m less tense about the outcome. If I can figure out how to incorporate images using this WordPress app I may write more posts this way. Alternately, some posts (like this one) may not have photos.

Secondly, I will change the design of the blog so I don’t need to design a new header image for each article. This will eliminate about an hour of image searching and Photoshoppery.

But what about the other pictures? That, my friends, I will need to work on. Clearly I don’t need to take 40-50 pictures when I’m usually using less than 5 per article, so I’ll have to work at reigning that in. The pictures need to be clear, but they don’t have to be PERFECT. (I actually cringed a little when I wrote that!)

Lastly, stop calling them articles! The perfectionist professional in me is so deeply ingrained in my nature that I have to work at being casual. I’m NOT writing articles, I’m merely making blog posts. I’m NOT showcasing professional photography, I’m sharing snapshots.

WHEW! There. I said it. I am my own intervention.


4 thoughts on “4 months with nary a peep

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