How to press mystery fibers

Lately something’s been pressing on my mind.  I’ve something pressing to discuss with you.  This pressure is killing me!

Okay, I’ll stop.

Today I want to show you how you can press some errant ruffles or plain old flat fabric, even when you don’t know what the heck it’s made from.  There are just two rules to keep in mind:

  1. Never, ever touch your iron to a fabric if you aren’t positively certain, really-for-real sure that it will not melt and stick to your iron’s soleplate.
  2. Read Rule Number 1 again.

I bought this beautiful blouse from an online vendor:

pretty blouse

Making the “before” picture as bad as possible, I made it blurry on purpose. Yes, I did!

It was labeled as 100% cotton.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen SEE-THROUGH cotton, as some of the ruffles along the front of this blouse are.  But, hey, it might be a language thing, the shop was in Hong Kong, after all.  Most of the blouse does seem to be cotton, and that was the important part; I sweat like a fat man when wearing man-made fabrics around my body.  Ruffles, pfft, they’re only a tiny part of the design.

Then I washed it.  (Then I decided to alter it; that’s an upcoming post but it will explain why you’ll see the same “before” picture twice.)  Look at how badly the ruffles wrinkled!  I was so not going to wear it with smooshed ruffles.  But I really didn’t want to melt my clothes.

So, here’s how to fix that wee problem.

1. Lay your garment down flat on your ironing board, with your hands smooth out what you want to lay flat.

2.  Using as low heat as you can while still getting steam to spurt out of your iron (that threatens to either melt your arm or open all the pores on your face), steam those wrinkly puppies.

3. Quickly, while the fabric is still warm & ever-so-slightly damp from the steam, place a big-ass heavy book on the part you just steamed.

Like how I put my watermark on the book, like it was printed there?

If you have a 1992 edition of the PDR (and who doesn’t?!) that’s the perfect book.

4. Let it sit for a few seconds, maybe a minute.

5. Remove book, enjoy flatter ruffles.

Yeah... they know who's the boss.

Those embarrassing wrinkled ruffles won’t bother you anymore.

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Have a better solution to the Pressing Problem?  Feel free to share in comments! ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


Unrelated, my blog posts here have been intermittent at best.  My new intention, starting now, is to post at least twice a month, which I think it totally reasonable given the current demands on my time.  I can’t really set up a firm calendar like many other people do, so you may want to consider using an RSS reader (I’ve been using Feedly since Google Reader said gu’bye) or signing up to get an email when I make posts (look to the left of any page in my blog and click the button under “subscribe by email”).  The intermittent posting is not for lack of ideas, I actually have a whole folder of posts that are all ready to go or mostly there, but my life takes many unexpected twists (sounds so exciting!) that keep me from being able to keep a regular schedule.  It’s mostly health stuff that, really, you are so not interested in.


Now, go make something … pink.


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