Sale, sale, sale!

Can you ever get enough of the word “sale”?  Me, I’m excitedly waiting for Sunday when I can use a coupon at Joann’s to get 25% off my purchase, which I will use for yarn — which is already 25% off until later this month.  So, with the sale and the coupon, I’ll get several skeins of yarn at HALF PRICE.  Ask me how I’ll pay for them, go ahead… ask me, ask me, ask me.  Okay, I’ll tell you.  My mother gave me some gift cards to Joann’s, which I’ll use for those skeins of yarn, the ones I’m getting for half price.  So my total price at the end of what will be a very fun shopping trip is… zero, nada, zip, nothing, free, free, FREE YARN!   I’m just giddy all over, can you tell?  Come ooooon, Sunday!

Because of all that I’m feeling generous, so I put my own things on sale.  Yes, you can get anything in my Etsy shop for 10% off (or for everything, if you’re that big a fan!) – that’s if the embedded link doesn’t work for you.  Ten percent wouldn’t be much to get excited about at JoAnn’s, but for the handmade items which are already priced so I barely get paid a decent hourly wage to make them, 10% off is actually quite a lot.  Use coupon code NYS10P when you check out (you’ll see a box to put that not-too-creative code in) and it’ll take that ten percent right off for ya.

And you may want to do that now, as starting in February 2013 my shop will be on “vacation mode” for awhile as I do some rethinking, retooling, and generally change up a whole ton of background & foreground stuff.  “Awhile” might mean it’s closed for a month, or for two months, or for even longer.  And when I reopen I’m not altogether sure which items will make the cut for getting relisted.  So if you’ve had your eye on something, you may want to get it now while you still can.  Use the coupon code if you want to save a little moolah while doing so.

And here’s a picture of my dear little Penelope cat sleeping, which has nothing whatever to do with a sale, but I wanted to drop in a photo of something, and gosh darn it, she’s just cute as a button all-the-freaking-time.

Penelope sleeping

Happy New Year!


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