Eyelet Lace… in crochet?

I have a thing for eyelet lace.  Sure, growing up I hated it, but so did most all the other little girls in the 1970s.  We were bombarded with the stuff!  

My thoughts on why are this: in the 1970s a series of books written a long time ago was turned into a little television series; you may have heard of it, “Little House on the Prairie.”

You can hear the theme song in your head, can't you?

 This show became wildly popular and influenced a whole lot of people to dress in the 1970s version of how they thought women living on the prairie dressed, sans all the undergarments, of course.  So you had prairie dresses, calico clothes, Holly Hobby, and freaking eyelet lace EVERYWHERE.  Yes, you heard me groan just then, I went to a scary place.

So why the change from hate to love?  I think seeing its application in the real Victorian and Edwardian eras (you can tell what’s modern because if it’s crudded up with lace and it’s not meant for a baby to wear, it’s probably a modern design).  They went a little overboard with decorating homes & clothing, imo, but they used eyelet in nice ways to pretty up blouses and as small insertion laces near the edges of their undergarments.

Pretty stuff.

My best friend recently gave me a spool of yards and yards of the stuff and I actually made this noise: “Squeeee!”  I’m too old to make the squee noise, but it was a squee moment.  There’s probably 50 yards of thick white eyelet lace on that spool, enough to make tons of things and to experiment with dyeing it.  A week later I used some to spiff up a pair of pantalettes I made.

So this afternoon when I sat down to read the newsletter from Designing Vashti that was about making eyelet lace in crochet I was pretty thrilled.  In this short newsletter she includes a pattern for adding the obligatory holes in Tunisian crochet and includes several swatches she’s working on.   If you like what you see, go here to get her patterns on Ravelry.

Care to get your own newsletter from Designing Vashti?  Click here.

Occasionally I may put up some interesting info with few-to-no photos like this post, but I hope you’ll find them entertaining nonetheless.




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