Hooks that fit your hand

Ever notice how you’re crocheting along and you lose track of time and only notice how long you’ve been at it when your hand starts hurting?  Adding something to your hook handles just might help keep that from happening.

Sure, you can make new handles from polymer clay or other appropriate material, but plain, rubbery pencil grips seemed the easiest solution to me.

Shown in the photos is a 3mm hook, but I also did this with my steel hooks, and even to some of my larger ones.  The steel ones were too shiny for pictures so just pretend this is a small, steel hook.

Obviously the rubber grips won’t fit your hooks straight out of the package.  See, the inside the pencil grips are larger in diameter than crochet hooks, so if you just poke one onto your hook it’ll just wiggle at you and fall off.  One suggestion I read said one can wrap the hook in tape then slide the pencil grip on top of that, but it seemed to me the sticky tape residue could cause problems down the line.  And I didn’t want my hooks mucked up when I removed the grips.

please ignore the bad, bad mani

pardoning the bad manicure, you can see the lime green partial grip inside the darker green one

The solution I figured out was to stuff something that wasn’t sticky into the space between the hook and the too-loose pencil grip.  And the obvious material was another pencil grip.  So I sacrificed a grip by cutting it with a sharp X-acto knife, then cutting slivers off of one edge so that when I joined the ends together again it was small enough to fit the hook.  Then I slid the part I wanted to keep into a full pencil grip, then slid that onto my hook.  Repeat for however many grips you want to make.

In the end, I suggest using 2-3 of the altered pencil grips on each hook.  But instead of making 3 for each hook I use, I made about 10 complete grips (that had slivers of grips stuffed inside) and I move them from hook to hook so that only the hooks I’m using on my current project have the grips on them.

Oooo, comfy!

the third grip keeps the end of the hook from jabbing into my palm while I’m using it

Now, I’m sorry I don’t have any pictures of how to do it, but it came up on a community I’m on and I wanted to get the pictures up as soon as I could.  You’re smart, though, I’m sure you can see how I did it by looking at the photos of the finished hook.  But if it’s at all confusing do let me know and I’ll take some photos of me pretending to make another one (heh).

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ Have a better solution?  Feel free to share in comments! ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦


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