70+ Web Links for Crochet

Yes, it’s text heavy, with only the opening feature image to entertain your designer brain.  But the rest?  Pure gold.

At the time of this writing there are 44,000,000 free instructional pages and 9,000,000 pages of free patterns online, and millions more if you leave off the word “free.”  Really, that’s not hyperbole.   But this post is all about the FREE STUFF.  Below are 70+ links to free crochet instructions, patterns, and communities.

As time goes on I’ll continue to refine this list, so feel free to share you favorites in comments.


The Craft Yarn Counsel’s “Standards and Guidelines for Crochet and Knitting”  ::   free PDF guide that includes yarn weights, basic terms & abbreviations, what size hook to use with different yarn types, and how to measure for garments.

KnitPicks article about yarn weights  ::   the weight (size) of yarn is supposedly standardized but it seems there are fluctuations within the categories, this article explains plainly what each weight feels like, though it does make a point of leaving out lace weight and crochet threads, all of which are lighter than Yarn Weight 1.

About.com  ::  pages include basic stitches, a few techniques you’ll want to learn, and how to do embroidery on top of crocheted work,  dig deeper for loads of links to free patterns

All those abbreviations ::  The gibberish you first read in a pattern is just standard abbreviations that will be obvious once you know what they stand for (and by the way, why is “abbreviation” such a long word?).  Here’s a page of crochet abbreviations (abbrevs?) from Lion Brand Yarn Company, click on the phrase to get its definition.


About.com  ::  pages include basic stitches, a few techniques you’ll want to learn, and how to do embroidery on top of crocheted work,  dig deeper for loads of links to free patterns

Lion Brand Yarn Stitch Finder ::  page includes crochet and knitting stitches and patterns, click on the name to see how it’s done

MyPicot.com  ::  really beautiful free stitch patterns and motifs in the form of downloadable PDFs


Either look at them on-screen or print out those patterns you really like, I like to do that so I can scribble notes on the patterns, then keep them in a binder for use again later.  If you have a tablet, store a ton of PDF patterns on it and they’ll always be handy, especially if you take projects out of your home to work on while waiting on things, like getting your car worked on.  Many patterns are free, most of the for-pay patterns are between $3 and $7.  Some of the bigger sites require a free membership to view their free patterns, but you can opt out of receiving any emails.

About.com  ::  free patterns utilizing a variety of crochet techniques

AllCrafts.net  ::  1000s of free pattern links grouped by subject

AntiqueCrochetPatterns.com  ::  old patterns were written differently from how they are now, so some of these old patterns may not make sense until you’ve been crocheting for awhile, also some terminology has changed so if it looks like the pattern was printed a really long time ago chances are good the old terminology is used; you must translate to modern terminology to use

AntiquePatternLibrary.org :: great place for finding patterns for delicate, lacy things;  this link shows those books tagged “crochet”

Craftsy.com :: Craftsy’s main business is offering for-pay classes fo all kinds of crafts, but this link gets you to the free patterns

CrochetPatternCentral.com   ::  1000s of free pattern links arranged by subject

Craftster  ::  Here’s a search for crochet patterns on Craftster.com, one of my favorite sites about making things. You can also conduct a search for something more specific in the search box on every page.

CrochetnCrafts.com  ::  over 150 free patterns

FaveCrafts.com  ::  link is a search for individual projects and free ebook pattern collections 

FreeVintageCrochet.com  ::  free vintage patterns taken from publications whose copyright has expired,  see note above with  AntiqueCrochetPatterns

Ravelry.com  ::  this links to free patterns people have posted, go to the pattern finder on the left to narrow it down; you may have to sign up for membership to view the patterns

ToyCrochet   ::  not just an excellent resource, the design of Blogspot is fantastic;   have fun clicking on pictures and watching the animation as the pattern is revealed


You may have to set up a membership on some of these sites to download their patterns, but each has free patterns available at the time of this writing.

Bernat Yarn

Berroco Yarn

Be Sweet Products

Blue Sky Alpacas Yarn

Caron Yarn

Cascade Yarns

Classic Elite Yarns

Clover USA

Coats & Clark

Crochet Today magazine

Diamond Yarn

DMC Threads

Interweave Publications 


Lily Sugar and Cream Yarn

Lion Brand Yarn Company

Mango Moon Yarns

Premier Yarns

Red Heart Yarns

Stitch Diva


Tahki Stacy Charles

Universal Yarn


Amigarumi is a form of crochet developed in Japan.  The projects are cute  anthropomorphized creatures and other things, and use only very basic crochet stitches and techniques – but done very well.  Below are a few free amigarumi pattern collections.

FreeAmigarumi.com  ::   how-tos and a whole lot of free patterns, but don’t expect updates

AmigarumiPatterns  ::  patterns for animals,  foodstuffs,  holidays

Squidoo  ::  a collection of links to free amigarumi patterns, a few books on the subject, and a few places were you can buy amigarumi already made

GreatAmigarumi  ::  this guy collects links to free patterns, here’s his other page on WordPress


Some of these are old books that contain those possibly confusing antique written patterns, be sure to read up on comparing antique patterns to modern ones if you want to attempt to make something from a book published around the time your great-grandparents hooked up.

Archive.org  ::  link gets you to the crochet books & patterns, most are really old

Interweave Press  ::  lots of free ebooklets for crochet and many other crafting techniques, look for crochet in the “beginners” section and further down in its own section

ProjectGutenberg  ::  you’ll need to run a search for the crochet books


CrochetGeek :: popular YouTube channel featuring tons of how-to videos

YouTube  ::  learn stitches or whole projects,  link is for a search


CraftyMinx.com  ::  free crochet class,  good creative blog

Crochet Concupiscence  ::   if it happens in the world of crochet, likely Kathryn will have already reported it,  also look for the Android app  (Go here for her 25 lists of 25 things!

Crochet Geek :: contains instructions on how to do stitches as well as oodles of patterns, both written and in video formats, same person as the above YouTube channel link

CrochetSpot  ::  “ramblings,”  free tutorials,  pay patterns

CrochetByKarin  ::  good information & pattern source but she hasn’t posted since 2011

WordPress  ::  personal blogs from hundreds if not thousands of crocheters,  this link is a tag search of all the blogs or posts about crochet

Google search for blogs about crochet  ::  I’m including it because it’s not as obvious as merely typing it into a regular Google search


Craftster.org  ::  this goes to the Crochet forums

Craftsy.com :: classes (usually for-pay), patterns

CraftyMinx.com  ::  free crochet class,  good creative blog

CrochetMe.com  :  by Interweave Publications

Crochetville  ::  forums

Hookey.org  ::  social site for the Crochet Liberation Front;  socialize,  share projects,  get help;  I love this site  

MyPicot.com  ::  click the groups menu

Ravelry.com  ::  socialize,  detail projects,  free patterns,  pay patterns;  another favorite of mine


Google is your friend for this needle art.  Really, just do a search for “free crochet pattern” and notice there are more than 13 million results (this time last year there were 4 million, that’s huge growth).  “Free crochet lesson” offers just over 3 million.  So you certainly aren’t limited to those I’ve included in this article; like all the articles I write regarding making things, go off and do things the way YOU want to do them, in the styles YOU like and colors and fibers and media YOU prefer.  The best part about being a creative person is the ability to see well beyond what one is “supposed” to do and to then do things the way you, personally, like them.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  Now, comment with your favorite sites to have them added!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


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