How to slice a strawberry like a pro in less than 5 seconds

Edited on Tuesday 6/19:  I miscounted, it takes less than 5 seconds!  Anyway, read the rest or just look at the pictures so you’ll know how to do my not-so-secret way of cutting up a ton of strawberries in just a couple of minutes.

In living a creative life, I tend to find creative solutions to all sorts of problems.  And as my health is my number-one problem, and I have to eat, the kitchen is the first place I look for shortcuts.

Say you’re craving some shortcake.  Or pancakes with fruit.  Or insert-dish-here that you love with sliced strawberries.  It can be a pain to stand there, slicing away, and when you’re just about bored out of your mind with this task, you see that you’ve only sliced 3 berries.  Here’s how to make it go lickety-split (as my mother says).

First, buy a two-pound box of strawberries.  You’ll want plenty when you find out how easy it is to cut them up.  Anyway, buy a lot of strawberries.

box o' berries

Pluck one out of the box, small to medium-sized, not one of those plums masquerading as a strawberry.  Wash it up, and slice off the leafy end.

slicing strawberries, step 2

Now, pull out that egg slicer, the one your Mom insisted you have.  The one that has never seen an egg in its life.  Or one that has.  Plop the berry in it so that the length of it is running parallel to the slicers.  In this case, I put the stem-end on the end with the hinge.

slicing strawberries, step 3

Gently –  GENTLY –  push down the slicers, cutting the berry.  If you have the string-type egg slicer like mine, they may argue with you, but fear not, they should go through.  From when you start to the point at which you’ve sliced all the way though, count down from 10 in your head to tick off the seconds.  I’ll bet it takes you less than 10.  EDIT:  I sliced up more strawberries today and found that it actually takes LESS THAN 5 SECONDS to slice ’em up.

slicing strawberries, step 4

Told ya it would work.

slicing strawberries, step 5

Isn’t that pretty?  And rather fun.  This is also why you need a lot of strawberries.

slicing strawberries, step 6

Be prepared for the egg slicer, as well as your work area, to look like a murder scene.

slicing strawberries, step 7

And here it is, a whole bunch of strawberries sliced up, sprinkled with sugar, and beaten to death, ladled on a homemade shortcake.  Looks yummy, huh?

slicing strawberries, step 8


Q FOR YOU:  Have you ever used your egg slicer to cut up something else?  Tell me all about it!


One thought on “How to slice a strawberry like a pro in less than 5 seconds

  1. Well, I love the idea of welcoming Steve home to a murder scene, so I am going to do this! First, I have to go buy an egg slicer. Yes, mom gave me two, three.. I lose count…but over the years I snuck them into friends’ garage sales. Now woah is me. Thanks for this tip, Mad!

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