15 Handy uses for Velcro strips

Recently I bought a package of 100 Velcro strips from Amazon thinking they’d last a few years.  Mostly I was thinking about all of the out-of-control electrical cables around here, but I kept finding uses for them.  That was a mere 2 weeks ago and I think I have 20 strips left.

1.   Wrap a Velcro strip around a full bobbin to keep it from unraveling in your mending kit, bobbins take up a lot less room than a spool of thread.

2.  Or keep a Velcro-wrapped bobbin with the thread it came from in a small baggie.  To make setting up sewing projects go a little faster you merely grab the baggie and you’re ready to start sewing.

3.  Use a Velcro strip around a bobbin to keep it from unraveling in your yarn stash. This will also mean that the right colored thread will always be with the color of yarn you bought it for, and it’s easier to tote around a crochet project if your materials don’t take up much room.

4.  Wrap a Velcro strip around a full bobbin to keep in your travel kit for unfortunate rips during vacation.

5. Wrap a Velcro strip around a sewing tape measure to keep it from unspooling in your purse or sewing kit.

6.  Keep a few Velcro strips in your car’s glove box for the thousand things that can come up while you’re out and about.

7.  Then there’s the obvious use of the strips keeping electrical cords tidy.

8.  Use one to keep the blades of your scissors closed when you take them with you to work on a portable project, say when you’re waiting at the doctor or getting your car serviced.

9.  Use one around a roll of gift wrap so the edge stays put.  If you also nail a strip to the wall of a closet, you can stick those rolls of gift wrap right up there on the wall.

10.  Ditto for rolls of ribbon, though you may need to stick 2 strips together end-to-end to be long enough.

11.  And ditto again around rolls of fabric.

12.  Wrap around your wrists when you wear gardening gloves and they won’t slip off your hands.

13. Use a strip to attach your car keys to the zipper at the top of your purse and they won’t get lost at the bottom again.

14. Use to attach décor items to stair railing, spindle-back chairs, a lamp, or anywhere else you want to wrap something around something else and don’t want it to be permanent.

15.  Keep curtains in your hotel room pulled open by wrapping a strip around the drapes.

A note on which direction to wrap Velcro strips:  Consider how you’ll be using the item you wrapped with Velcro tape.  If you do the sift side on the outside, things the Velcro will come in contact with will be protected from its clutches.  If you do the barbed side on the outside, the thing the strip is wrapped around will be protected from those little plastic barbs.

Want a thousand more uses for Velcro strips?  Google is your friend.


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