Short & sweet


This post is a wee short one, as I’m writing it from my phone.  Isn’t technology grand!  Anyway.

You know when you’re creating things there are usually 2 competing voices in your head, one that whispers like a kitten and the other yells like a tornado.  One tells you how clever you and the other tries its best to convince you that you really don’t live up to your press.  Which voice is the loudest sometimes just depends on the day.  I’ve read memoirs of very successful creatives who still have that split-personality ego.

Tonight I’m hearing the voice of a pleased mentor (“Aha! I knew you could do it!”).  As I held this piece, stitching on the pearly buttons, I just knew I was holding on to greatness.  It’s a freeform-crochet design I’ve been playing with, this being the second piece of the concept, and is wickedly soft.  The pearly buttons represent the pearly nodes on a piece of seaweed, and 2 shades of mossy green yarn give depth to the individual leaves.  It reminds me of vacations in Galveston in the late spring, after the sun goes down and the tide carpets the beach in plant life.  I think I’m in love.  What do you think?


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