Fast fashion figures, the super easy way

Several days ago I was poking around reading random sewing blogs.   I’ve said this before, I do all kinds of art and crafting, but right now sewing is all I’m about.   It’s been consuming my awake hours, which considering August temperatures in Texas are such that we can almost bake a cake outside, my “awake hours” are at night and I’ve been sleeping during those intolerably hot daytime hours.  The nocturnal schedule has many benefits: I’m largely left alone to make things.   I can get a lot of housework done while everyone else is asleep.  I can go outside and not stroke out.  But I can also get lost easier reading blogs online.

Anyway, while mulling over the activities I had in mind for that night a few weeks ago I was reading sewing blogs.   The one that struck me was one about croquis.

“Croquis?” I said to myself, “What is that?”  I kept reading and found that croquis is a prettier-sounding word for gestures (French for “sketch”), which is what it was called when I was in art school when one’s life drawing model stayed in pose for several seconds then changed positions, often 2 to 3 positions a minute.   The purpose was to gain confidence in one’s drawing skills and to gain a better eye for artistic anatomy (it’s not like real anatomy where one learns the location of the spleen, organs don’t matter when you’re drawing someone nekkid).   Fashion figures are proportionately different from life drawings, but the idea of the drawing is the same: you draw a basic, no-frills figure, which you can flesh out better later if you wish to do so.

croquis, fashion figure drawing

I did not draw these, "TheBocaj" did

Here’s the serendipity of this post:  I’d planned that very evening to draw some fashion figures in a few poses, scan them in, print them at different sizes, and use them to trace over when I drew clothing ideas.  Turns out digital croquis are perfect for that, and didn’t involve as much erasing.

I wrote the author and asked if I could post a link to her blog, which also included a link to an artist’s portfolio of croquis drawings over on

Go to The Sewing Space and read what Lena has to say about it (thanks, Lena!), as well as getting a link to the original artist’s deviantART page where you can find these.

If it’s been as long for you as it has been for me and you can’t remember how many heads high a fashion figure should be, it will save you a chunk of time of drawing and erasing and drawing again just so you can have a proportionate figure for designing clothing.  With all that time you’ll save, you can make something else.


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