A new day, a new theme

Sometimes I am forced to sit still awhile and have to find sitting-still activities to occupy my mind. Today has been one of those Sitting Still days, so I decided to mess with my WordPress account.

When I first set this up, I chose the Twenty Ten theme, dropped in my banner (the same banner style I use everywhere), changed the background to my custom red, and let it be.


THEME Twenty Ten



But the more I’ve looked at it, the more I realized that it looked a bit dull. So I changed themes, this time using Rounded, a style I liked due to it putting posts in separate modules, making it obvious the distinction from one post to another.

I haven’t yet found where I can change the colors of the blue and lime-green modules, but you know, that green’s growing on me (the blue with my custom purple, not so much). What do YOU think?  Is it distracting? Should I leave the blue and green as-is, or poke around a bit more finding out how I can change it to my custom red? You know I’ll make up my own mind, anyway, but I like to hear feedback.

Meanwhile, I’m nearing the proverbial finish line on the dress made from a pattern printed in 1956.  The dress itself was finished a couple of weeks ago, but it was … boring, and in dire need of embellishments.  Between deciding what to do, figuring out the best materials, waiting for said materials to arrive in the postal mail, practicing with those materials, and actually working on the dress, it’s just taken awhile.  But it should be done, later today if I can, or tomorrow if today doesn’t work out.


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