How much do I loathe thee?

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There are some people who, faced with new technologies, new ways of doing things, entirely new ideas, utterly beam.  You can see the glint in their eyes the moment they hear of something new.  There are others, and I place myself in this category, who become befuddled when faced with those same challenges.  Now, give me a new way to sew something, paint something, create graphics, create most anything, and yeah, I’m right there with you — sometimes even a few steps ahead.  But put a computer on my lap and point me towards anything web-related and my eyes glaze over, my face goes slack, and I begin to look and sound like a zombie.

You:  “If you hit F3+X+P+F and then Ctrl+Shift+W and then spin 3 times while singing ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’ you’ll have a homepage that will make breakfast for you!”

Me:  Blank stare.  “Uhhhh… mmmm… yeaaahhhh… uhhhhhh…”  (shuffles away)

A very good example of this would be those dashed lines on my recent posts here.  Certainly there is a way to make text fall over-and-under images but not wrap around them, but for the life of me I could not figure that out on my last post and today I don’t want to spend th time looking it up when there are other problems to resolve.

Other problems such as Facebook.

I was dragged kicking and screaming into Facebook, creating an account only so I could keep up with friends I rarely saw anymore who quit posting anywhere else.  Then it seemed a good idea to create what was then called a Fan Page for my brand-of-sorts, madwhimsy.  And all was good.

Then yesterday, while logged in to that (Fan) Page, Facebook popped up with a screen that asked for my name and phone number.  So I entered it.  And it created a brand new account using my name and my madwhimsy log in info, and since then I have not been able to log in to my (Fan) Page or delete the “extra” account.  Madwhimsy is still on Facebook (thank gods), but as of yet I cannot figure out how to get logged in again, and Facebook’s Helpless files are just that, utterly helpless.  Wish me luck on finding a real human I can say, “WTF” to and get this problem resolved.

In the meantime, I am abandoning this machine for awhile and moving on to an nice, old machine that makes so much sense to me that I can use it with my eyes closed: my trusty sewing machine.


2 thoughts on “How much do I loathe thee?

  1. F=ing FBook. Yes, I hate em too. Hate them mostly because I had to join them, for the same reasons as you. I also try to use it (if not just to get back at them for stealing my g-damn friends away from email) to promote my super small business, but I am sure if I tried to locate my own site I’d be pulling my hair out. Best just to let sleeping lizards lie. By the way, I have a pattern book for you – has some neat string crochet stuff.

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