Digital Art – Real or Not?

When I am going through a period of creating art on my computer, there are two things that come to mind: (1) Does this count as “real art?,” and (2) How can I possibly write a blog post about things I create without tangible materials?

Let’s tackle #1.  The hemispheres of my brain have been engaged in a years-long war over whether artwork created fully on my computer, be it in any program, is Real Art.  This is, of course, as opposed to paintings, illustrations on paper or board, making objects that straddle the line between Art and Craft (wait, that’s another post), and so on.  I am pleased to say that as of today a peace treaty has been signed and the war is finally over.  Real Art and Digital Art are art, pure and simple, merely utilizing different tools.  One is tangible art that can be held, the other is intangible art that unless printed onto something, is something to be looked at through an electronic medium.  Both, however, are Real Art.

Now #2.  When people crochet they discuss the various yarn they use, painters discuss differing applications of paint, and photographers discuss a wide variety of lenses.  I’ve been creating more digital art lately than tangible art so really can discuss only Photoshop filters, boring stock images I’ve torn apart to add to new digital illustrations, interesting font usage — but most of that flies over people’s heads.  Not that I’m smarter than most others, I dare day I’m not.  It’s just more difficult to talk about digital work than it is to actually create it, even if it takes several sittings to create a single image.

So that’s it.  I’ve been creating Real Art on my computer for a variety of uses, such as iPad covers, t-shirts, ties, and so on — and I’m having a ball doing it.  Most are unfinished but some are already online.  Go have a look-see and comment if you like.


2 thoughts on “Digital Art – Real or Not?

  1. If music and theater are art, then computer graphics are art too.

    Music and theater are instructions to other people to make sound or visual imagery.

    You create instructions to a computer so it can make visual imagery.

    Just sayin’.

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