Creative inspiration via You The Designer

When people ask me, “What inspires you?” it’s difficult to not just say, “Yes.” Because if you’re an artist using any medium pretty much anything and everything can inspire you.

One thing that always tickles that itch is the email newsletter I get from

Each of these emails contain several examples of the current topic, which could be free brushes for Photoshop, examples of great packaging, creative uses of type, terrific websites that heavily utilize the color blue, tutorials using various programs — you get the idea.  Go to their site and click on their “Inspiration” link to see what they’ve gathered recently that looks good.  Or try “Freebies” and see what they’ve found all over the web-o-sphere to help you out without charging anything.

You can go to their site and click the link on their homepage or click here and sign up for the almost-daily email newsletter or RSS feed.  Or just visit their page when you feel stumped.  I can pretty well guarantee you’ll find what you’re looking for, or will find something that will take you a whole new direction.  Enjoy!


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